The WORLD'S FIRST HomeKit Compatible IR Blaster – With MATTER!

The WORLD'S FIRST HomeKit Compatible IR Blaster – With MATTER!
The Nature Remo nano is the first Matter-compatible IR Blaster, which means it also works with Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. Up to three IR-based devices that are controlled by the Nano, can also be exposed to Apple Home, which also allows those devices to be used in Scenes and Automations. This could be almost any device that comes with an IR remote, like fans, TVs, amplifiers, and even AC units. In the case of the latter, exposing it to HomeKit gives you control over the power, temperature range, and mode of your AC, depending on the model.

Note: Although I state the iOS app is only available in the Japanese App Store, it is in fact also available in the US App Store. It doesn’t seem to be available in other regions, however.

You can purchase the Nature Remo Nano from Amazon Japan using the link below (not an affiliate link).

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0:00 intro
0:12 Overview
0:45 unboxing/a closer look
1:37 Initial setup
2:07 Add to Apple Home
2:41 Add a standing fan
3:35 Add a TV remote
4:18 Controls
4:35 AC in Apple Home
4:56 Nano remote demo
5:46 Pros vs Cons
7:50 Outro

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