All Episode End Cards (Gundam Witch From Mercury Season 1 & 2)[全てエピソードエンドカード集 ガンダム 水星の魔女]

All Episode End Cards (Gundam Witch From Mercury Season 1 & 2)[全てエピソードエンドカード集 ガンダム 水星の魔女]
Compilation of all the End Cards that appear at the end of each episode. Each End Card was drawn by a different artist (links to their Twitter below) –
SD Gundam Battle Alliance OST: The Blessing –
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0:00 Episode 1 by JNTHED
0:05 Episode 2 by ゆーげん
0:10 Episode 3 by KURI
0:16 Episode 4 by Nardack
0:22 Episode 5 by エナミカツミ
0:28 Episode 6 by Houtei9
0:33 Episode 7 by 出水ぽすか
0:39 Episode 8 by 富岡二郎 & 紀
0:44 Episode 9 by しらび
0:50 Episode 10 by いづなよしつね
0:55 Episode 11 by れおえん
1:00 Episode 12 by 林 絢雯
1:11 Episode 13 by イリヤ・クブシノブ
1:16 Episode 14 by lack
1:22 Episode 15 by あきま
1:27 Episode 16 by 望月けい
1:33 Episode 17 by 加藤拓弐
1:39 Episode 18 by redjuice
1:44 Episode 19 by ケイゴイノウエ
1:50 Episode 20 by ろるあ
1:55 Episode 21 by LAM
2:01 Episode 22 by タケウチリョースケ
2:06 Episode 23 by 枢 やな
2:12 Episode 24 by モグモ
2:23 End Card Collage

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